The Old Prince & Other Stories


Το βιβλίο προστέθηκε στη λίστα επιθυμιών
Το βιβλίο προστέθηκε στη λίστα επιθυμιών
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The Old Prince and other Stories is a book made up of nine short stories. From fantastical to historical to modern, most of the stories are pleasant, humorous and easy to read. The stories and their plots are unrelated, but offer the reader a slice of life, social commentary, relatability and imagination.

“Does Gaius become God? Is Pamphilon a traitor? Will Sonia buy the car of her dreams? How will the forest fare against the mighty Zizou? Does Big Head have a big head? Who sent that anonymous letter to the detective? Will Mrs Grumpy live happily ever after? Who is Tsaikovski’s favourite dancer? How big exactly is Matias’ sword?”

These and other questions are what keep Andreas Tzionis up at night.

Publication info

Form Paperback | 120 pages
Size 15 x 21
Publication Date September 2022
Language English
ISBN 978-9963-676-29-3

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