The aim of this study is to provide both a starting point and an assessment of the existing bibliography, by presenting the existing sources and bibliographical references of Cypriot law in an organised manner which may facilitate further research on Cypriot law and to assist the researcher, the academic, the student and the professional in identifying the relevant bibliographical material. In the case of a legal bibliography, the organised classification of material further contributes to the enhancement of the legal order and the system of justice, since the advocate, the judge and the legislator may, if they so wish, find the relevant primary or secondary material and use it accordingly. The material is classified in ten major categories (and more than 50 sub-categories). These are: 1) Sources, 2) General Works, 3) Legal History, 4) The Cyprus Question, 5) Public Law, 6) Legal and Judicial System, 7) Criminal Law and Justice, 8) Private Law, 9) Financial Law, 10) International and European Law. In order to further facilitate research on Cypriot law, is included a table with brief biographical notes of the individual authors referred to in this study. This third edition is updated with publications up to 31.1.2020.

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Μορφή   ebook | 92 σελίδες
Ημερ. Έκδοσης   Φεβρουάριος 2020 (3η Έκδοση)
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ISBN   978-9963-676-17-0
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Publication data
Form   ebook | 92 pages
Publication date   February 2020 (3rd edition)
Language   English
ISBN   978-9963-676-17-0
Price   €10,00